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“The Last Flair Bender”
This DVD/Download is for the professional performer. How to make entertaining routines out of twisting and usable tricks to add to your current twisting style.

I used to work with flair bartenders and felt boring next to them. So I started creating flair balloon twisting to add more, well… flair.

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Flair DVD or Download

Balloon Flair Guide

Being an Air Bender =p

  • Book 1 Inflating
    • How to mouth inflate
      • Teeth and cupped hand
    • Cork screw
      • Electric Pump
    • Reverse inflate
    • Multiple balloon
  • Book 2 Tying
    • Traditional
    • One handed
      • Assist
      • Real one hand
    • Tying round to shoot
      • Bionic balloon man inflate
    • Tying end to end or multiple balloons
      • Heart Patter
    • Not a knot
      • How to skip tying
  • Book 3 Popping
    • Popping traditional
    • How to tie after a pop
    • One hand pop
      • Traditional
      • Edit from end / fake handoff
      • Pop to launch flair
    • Princess windmill
    • Karate chop
    • “shower pattern” popping and throwing
  • Book 4 Static and Launches
    • How to build static
      • Static to walls, people, patter…
    • How to shoot a balloon
      • Fake hand off
      • Boomerang
      • Shoot to static, regular and fake handoff.
  • Book 5 Bending and Poodle Tail
    • How to bend a balloon
      • Bow and arrow
      • Hand puppet/hammer
    • How to properly do the poodle tail
      • Routines
  • Book 6 One Handed Twisting
    • Loop twist / dog
    • Bubble chain
    • Ear twist
  • Book 7 Speed Twisting
    • Slower you practice the faster you learn
      • Tips and reminders of past lessons
    • Hand positioning and how to twist
    • Ear twist
    • Loop twist
    • Multiple balloons and multiple hands
  • Book 8 Tools, Attire, Audience Theory
    • Tools of the trade (looking professional)
    • Attire
    • Audience Theory
  • Bonus Footage!
    • Sharpie tricks
    • Business card tricks
    • Nose balancing
    • Balloon spinning/ending