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Unicycle Videos

It all started with a broken arm in 6th grade… I couldn’t ride my mountain bike so my brother told me to ride a unicycle (No handlebars). The family photo album has a section where my cast gets smaller, and my unicycles get bigger! I have been unicycling since March 23rd 2001, I only know this because I remember the date on the x-ray for the day I got my full arm cast. I owe my entire performing career to the one wheeled beast. I taught my best friend (who is an award winning balloon artist) how to unicycle, and we traded what we knew of our performing arts.

I have made and been in a number of unicycle videos in my career, but they get a little lost in the multitude of my balloon videos. So here is a page just dedicated to unicycling, more specifically, unicycle videos!

There is no real order to these following videos, but I will say my personal favorites are “Muni Street” and “Dirty Bird”.

Most recent, a Mini Docu on Mountain Unicycling. We ride the world famous Cathedral Rock Trail in Sedona AZ
My all time favorite line in the opening shot. “Death on both sides”